My Appearing but Unfindable I

It is not my eye
That feels the eyelid’s soft sweep,
But rather my I.

It is not my eye
That sees the radient sun,
But rather my I.

Completely solid
Centre of reality:
Unfindable I


Mis Sabios En Uno / My Wise Men in One

Hay una manita,
en apariencia de viejito,
que me lleva suavecito
a la felicidad.
Hay una manita,
en apariencia de viejito,
que simboliza la humildad
Sabiduría que dan “los años”
Paciencia, Esfuerzo,

Hay unos brazos,
en apariencia de viejito,
que me sostienen cuando no puedo más
y me detienen de malos pasos
y me ayudan a rectificar.

Hay unos ojos,
en apariencia de viejito
que me transmiten la paz
si me concentro, si me imagino
en lo que es y no es real.

Supremo buen corazón…

Y puede ser mi padre
mi madre
mis abuelos, todos
sólo un reflejo, interior, mental
que se proyecta
de dentro a afuera
es mi mejor proyección mental
en un viejito
que me sonríe
Sabiduría excelsa y Gran Bondad.

-Miriam Barriga-


There is a hand,
in appearance of sweet old man,
which leads me softly
to happiness.
There is a hand,
in appearance of sweet old man,
symbolizing humility
Wisdom given by “years”
Patience, Effort,

There are some arms,
in appearance of sweet old man,
holding me when I can’t anymore
and stop me from missteps
and help me to rectify.

There are some eyes
in appearance of sweet old man,
which transmit me peace if I concentrate,
if imagine
what it is and is not real.

Supreme good heart…

And may be my father
my mother, my grandparents, all
only a reflection, internal, mental
which is projected
from inside to outside
is my best mental projection
in an old man that smile at me
Sublime Wisdom and Great Kindness.

-Miriam Barriga-

Precious Human Life

Turtle from the depths,

Pierce the floating golden yoke:

Precious human life


Vide Kadampa



Each one of us has a precious human life. We take this life for granted, and as a consequence we squander the opportunity it gives us. If we recognise how precious, rare and meaningful our life is, we will seize the opportunity it provides.

It is said that to have a precious human life is extremely rare. There is a story which illustrates the point. Imagine a world completely covered by a deep ocean. At the bottom of the ocean lives a blind turtle who surfaces every 100,000 years. On the surface of the ocean, blown hither and thither by the wind is a golden yoke. How often would the turtle surface in just the right place so that its head passed through the yoke?

The turtle represents ourself, spending most of our lives in the lower realms (in the depths of the dark ocean). The surfacing of the turtle represents how often we take a human life (once every 100,000 years). The golden yoke represents the Buddhadharma, and the head of the turtle passing through the yoke represents a precious human life, where we meet Buddhadharma as a human being.

From this example we can understand how rare it is to have a precious human life.

Note to Self…

What feels badly when things go wrong,

Feels so much joy, when things go our way…

Deep down…is there something that exists?
Deep down…is there something to protect?

Let’s take some time and dig a little deeper,
let’s just see if we can find this source…

For it seems to be the cause of problems,
of feeling separation, the source of all pain.

Where is is it, that this “I” exists,
Is it in my body, my mind, or what?

For a rose looks like a rose from a distance,
But looking more closely, it fades like dust..

Isn’t a rose the sun, earth and rain,
and your loving touch, making it grow?

All different parts, from cause and effect..
But nothing is found, saying this is the rose.

Looking for this “I”, we have to be determined,
looking everywhere, leaving nothing to chance…

Only then, when our search is exhausted,
Can we say this “I” doesn’t exist!

Not a time of fear and tribulation, but of pure loving joy,
you’re like an innocent prisoner, now freed, after years of pain.

Bill Purchase

Samsara Days / Dias De Samsara

Samsara Days

This cloudy day reminds me a scene: Me, 5 years old, my first days in elementary school, sitting in my little desk, watching the green windows, sighing and saying to myself: “To think that I will be here about 6 years… ”

My thoughts now becomes one: And to think we have been here, lost, indefinitely…

Dias De Samsara

Este día nublado me hace recordar una escena: Yo, 5 años de edad; mis primeros días en la escuela primaria; sentadita en mi lugar, observando las ventanas verdes; suspirando y diciendo para mis adentros: “Y pensar que voy a estar aquí 6 años…”

Mi reflexión ahora se convierte en un: Y pensar que hemos estado aquí, perdidos; indefinidamente…

Miriam Barriga, Mexico City, Distito Federal